Name of person providing applications which retrieve information

A application

Information retrieved

Photos taken by the camera (in the case of apps with a camera function) or photos in the photo album will be retrieved to be used within the application.

Method of retrieval

Photos will be retrieved when they taken by the camera (in the case of apps with a camera function) when the photo album is opened to be used within the application.

Identification and disclosure of purpose of use

Photos taken using the camera within the application (in the case of apps with a camera function) or photos retrieved from the photo album will only be used for application services.
Photos and facial recognition data and text recognition data used for editing within the app are exclusively used for photo editing purposes.
They are neither saved nor transmitted externally.
Provision to third parties is also not carried out.
Network communications are used for display of websites and display of advertisements within the application.

This app does not collect users' face data.
It merely recognizes the user's face and applies pixelation to the face, so the face data is not stored anywhere.
It just does facial recognition entirely within the app.
Since it does not collect face data, it would also never share such data with third parties.

Twitter integration

Integration with Twitter will only be used for the purpose of posting photos on Twitter from the app by the user.
Integration with the application can be removed at any time.

Method to receive notifications, publications, and agreements and user involvement.

Please delete (uninstall) the application if you want the application to stop using your user information.

User involvement regarding information used for advertisements
 Stop retrieval: Uninstall application
 Stop using: Please contact the advertising companies below for methods to stop usage.
Admob (Google)


Facebook Audience Network(Facebook)

Existence of provision of information to external or third parties and information module

Data, etc. used for services in the application will not be provided to third parties.

・About display of advertisements

The advertising companies below may automatically retrieve user information for the purpose of displaying advertisements in the application.
Please check the following advertising companies' application privacy policy links for the information retrieved, their purpose of use, and provision of information to third parties.


Facebook Audience Network(Facebook)

・Analysis of application use

The application uses Firebase Analytics ( to understand and analyze application use in order to improve its services.
Google Privacy Policy

Contact information for inquiries

A application

Procedures to make changes to the Privacy Policy

For important changes in the privacy policy for information retrieval that needs a separate agreement, a pop-up will appear in within the application to obtain a separate agreement from users.
Changes in the privacy policy that do not require a separate information from users will be disclosed in this page at all times.